Ridges & Gables

Ridges & Gables

In the dry ridge and verge system, the roof gables are mechanically fastened, which results in a fashionable, sleek, and clean appearance. It adds elegance to your property and is a long-term solution that eliminates the need to re-mortgage. The following are some of the additional advantages of Dry Ridge and Verge Systems:
For long years, the roofing industry relied on mortar to bed ridge, valley, verge, and hip tiles, and this practice continues today. According to the following paragraphs, mortar has numerous drawbacks. As technology has progressed, building codes now require all hip and ridge tiles to be mechanically fixed using a dry fixing ventilating system.

Mastic asphalt is not required because of the usage of “dry ridge and verge systems.” This type of mortar is unstable and prone to cracking; it requires regular maintenance; it does not give adequate protection against wind uplift and is highly susceptible to water penetration. It also has a tough time adhering to the surface of fibre cement slates, which can result in damage during storms and premature failure during other times of the year.
As a result, dry fixing technologies have been developed that are substantially more dependable and significantly lower the likelihood of storm damage. Dry systems are more efficient to install, which results in lower labour costs due to the higher efficiency of the installation.

Dry Verge

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