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Looking for a reliable partner for property investment in UK market?
Do you need an asset that will generate regular hassle free income?
Want to invest in commercial property such as Hotel, Shopping Centre or office in UK to rent?
Plan to engage in property development business.
Need properties for real estate investments in UK.
Looking to start property leasing business in UK.
Need a short term investment.

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We Have Full Range Of Services In The UK Property Market

Residental Or Commercial Land For Business.
Buy land to build New House, Flats, and Commercial Properties such as Shops, Warehouse, Garage, and Storage for regular & stable income.

HDSL is offering this great opportunity for everyone to invest your hard earned money into growing business with a reliable HDSL team. We are in this business from last 15 Years and rapidly growing with our hard work, dedication, years of experience and hunger to go an extra mile to get the best.

Refurbish House Or Flat For Business.
Buy old houses which require refurbishing or convert them into Flats for business.

For Asian customers we have Asian Staff to assist you in your own language.

Additional Services: We can offer legal support, property management and resolution of administrative matters with the local authorities.

Attention to your needs: Our team will help you choose investment projects, focusing on your goals & priorities.

Best Offer: The most attractive UK properties to invest in directly, without commission.

Individual Investments: Creation of a stable investment portfolio based on the personal needs and investment objectives of the client.

Profit gained from property development in the UK’s real estate market between 10% to 15% per annum and higher. Better than having money lying around in the bank as dead capital.

Short Term Investment: Invest in our projects on short term basis.


Real estate market provides below reasons to tell you why you should invest in UK’s properties for brisk growth.

Constant growth: According to research conducted by Knight Frank, the price of residential real estate in all over London or UK grew by around 15% in recent Years.

High quality of life: UK is one of the most developed countries in the World, with the highest level of education, health care and unlimited business opportunities.

Stability: Properties in UK in your investment portfolio – one of the safest assets with stable growth in value.

Attractive Investments: Every year, many investors from around the World invest in the UK property market.


The Business Process Of Our Residential Real Estate Fund.

Establishment of the holding company and its subsidiary, the creation of a shareholder agreement.
Formation of the funds strategy, invitation of investors.
The signing of the shareholder agreement and liabilities fees by the investors.

Issue of shares to capitalisation of the company.
Search and purchase of properties for investment.
Property development obtaining permits for redevelopment, renovation, decoration, design and interior design.